Repairs & Parts


Parts and Consumables

We stock a range of popular items – wiper blades, lamp bulbs etc and can fit them for you. We also stock a comprehensive range of high quality oils and oil treatments for all types of vehicle. We source our oil products from Comma Oils and Forte Lubricants, both leading manufacturers. If the item you need isn’t in stock we can arrange next-day delivery in most cases.

Our repair services include:-

Engines and transmissions

Problems with starting, fuel consumption, lack of power or difficulty changing gear can each be early signs of a problem developing in the engine or transmission. We can get to the bottom of the problem and help get your vehicle back to normal.

Steering & Suspension

These vital components are checked as part of the annual MOT test, but correct operation can still be affected by wear, especially in older vehicles. Damage or mis-alignment can also result from potholes, hitting kerbs etc. If the steering or ride quality suddenly doesn’t feel right, or there are new knocks or vibration that weren’t there before, get in touch and we’ll check it out for you. Better be safe than sorry.


Any problems should be picked up at MOT time but parts can wear out, leaks can develop, or things can break between tests. We can check things out for you and fix any problems.


Our MOT tests always include a bulb check and replacement of any that have failed. we also check the lenses for damage or transparency, particularly on the rear lights, and replace any that don’t comply with the law. Bulbs can fail at any time and put you at risk of getting points on your license if not attended to. We can supply and fit the correct type replacement for your vehicle.

Headlamp Refurbishment

On some older vehicles, the plastic headlamp lenses can become scratched and fogged with time, especially if cleaning products containing abrasives have been used at some point. This gradually reduces the light output of the headlights and if not corrected, may eventually cause an MOT fail and the lenses will then have to be replaced. We can save you the cost of a full replacement by re-polishing and applying a special coating to restore them to ‘as-new’ or nearly so, depending on how badly they are affected. The cost of doing this with approved materials is a fraction of what it would cost to replace them.

Body Repairs

N.B.We can carry out minor body repairs subject to an assessment. Where more extensive repairs are required, particularly as a result of collision, we advise that this work is carried out by a specialist body shop.

Electric Windows

A faulty switch or relay, seized mechanism, blown fuse or problems caused by water ingress can all stop electric windows operating. We will find the problem and fix it for you.

Door Hinges and Latches

We repair or replace worn or damaged components and can diagnose and fix problems with central locking.

Alarm Sensors

Faults with one or more of these can cause the alarm to be actuated spontaneously without any apparent cause, often at a most inconvenient time! We diagnose and put the problem right.

Wiring Faults or Damage

We will assess the problem and advise on the best course of action.