Don’t take your tyres for granted!

* Check them regularly and avoid accidents or prosecution. *

What to check:-

  • Pressure – incorrect pressures can affect the handling and steering. Always keep an eye on your tyre pressures, especially before motorway driving. Most filling stations have facilities where you can check and adjust your tyre pressures free of charge.
  • Tread – For cars and light commercials the law requires tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the width in a continuous band all the way round. To help indicate when tyres need changing, many manufacturers now include a Tread Wear Indicator (usually raised areas within the grooves), which are moulded into the tread at intervals around the tyre. As the tyre wears, these become more visible. For optimum safety, tyres should be replaced before they become level with the surrounding tread pattern. Whilst these markings are a useful indicator, a tread depth gauge will give a more accurate picture. If you’re not confident of checking tread depth yourself, ask us to do it.
  • Condition – Check your tyres regularly for cuts or bulges, especially the sidewalls. Tell us if you find anything suspicious.

Read more about tyres and safety on the Tyresafe website

New Tyres

Our well-equipped tyre fitting bay allows us to offer a complete tyre fitting and balancing service. Disposal of your old tyre(s) is included as part of the service. We stock a range of popular sizes – call us to check. If we don’t have any in, we can order for next day delivery.

Laser Wheel Alignment

Get the full benefit of your new tyres and avoid premature wear by having the wheel alignment checked. Our advanced laser equipment allows us to make sure that all four wheels are correctly aligned to the manufacturer’s specification.