Oil is oil, right? – wrong!

Putting the wrong specification of oil in a modern, high efficiency engine can affect performance and lead to long term damage. Modern engines are expected to develop high power outputs, be economical with fuel and also comply with ever more stringent emission laws. Lubrication is an integral part of the design process in achieving these goals. The correct oil not only lubricates and protects but also continuously flushes contaminants that can build up in the oil through normal operation. These include sooty deposits from combustion, acids produced by changes in temperature and metallic debris from wear. It’s the oil’s job to keep contaminants in suspension and carry them to the filter where they can be disposed of when the filter is changed. We only use high quality oil products from leading manufacturers including Comma Oils and Forte Lubricants and can source the exact type specification oil for your engine.

Get better fuel economy and avoid breakdowns!

* Keep your vehicle in peak condition with regular servicing *

Regular oil changes at the recommended intervals avoid premature wear and prolong the life of your engine. When you have your vehicle serviced with us, a health-check of key systems is included as part of every service, which allows us to nip potential problems in the bud before they become expensive.

What’s in a Service?

Actions included Interim Service
(from £95 plus VAT)
Full Service
(from £185 plus VAT)
Electronic Diagnostics Check  Yes  Yes
General Vehicle Health Check  Yes  Yes
Reset Service Warning Light  Yes  Yes
Oil change, including oil filter  Yes  Yes
Brakes Visual Check (wheels on)  Yes  N/A
Brake Fluid Test and Top Up  Yes  Yes
Check Tyres and Adjust Pressures  Yes  Yes
Steering Operation Check  Yes  Yes
Antifreeze Test and Top Up  Yes  Yes
Windscreen Washer Level Check and Top Up  Yes  Yes
Lights Operation Check  Yes  Yes
Battery Condition Check  Yes  Yes
Air-Con Operation Check  Yes  Yes
Vehicle Wash Down  Yes  Yes
Glow Plug Test (diesel only)  Yes
Replace Spark Plugs (if necessary)  Yes
Fuel Filter Change  Yes
Brakes Close Inspection (wheels off)  Yes
Check Transmission Oil Level and Top Up  Yes
Change Cabin Filter  Yes
Change Air Filter  Yes
NB: The cost of servicing may vary according to your particular vehicle’s requirements. We will consult with you first in any case

Timing/Cam Belts

* Prevention is better than cure *

If a timing belt breaks when the engine is running, it can cause severe engine damage. The repair costs can easily be more than 10 times the cost of a timing belt replacement kit.

Don’t risk a wrecked engine! Always have the timing belt changed at the recommended intervals for your vehicle. Ask us for unbiased advice.

Diagnostics – fault finding

* Free advanced diagnostics check included with every service *

To help give our customers the best service, we have invested heavily in diagnostic and test equipment manufactured by Hella-Gutmann, a leading manufacturer of diagnostic equipment.

If the engine or vehicle management systems detect a fault and/or a warning light has appeared, we can connect our diagnostic equipment and quickly track down the problem so it can be rectified.

Air conditioning – servicing and repairs

* Keep your air-con working at peak efficiency with regular servicing *

  • re-gassing (restores normal operation in most cases)
  • full service (includes a new pollen filter)

Contact us for current prices.

Your vehicle air-conditioning system is quite similar to a domestic fridge and contains a refrigerant gas as well as a lubricant. Exposed to the weather, seals can deteriorate over time, leaks can develop and the cooling action will then get less and less until it eventually no longer works.

To keep it working at its full capacity, it should be serviced every two years or as part of the normal service schedule for your vehicle. A full service includes safe removal of the old refrigerant and lubricant, the cleaning of the system and the replacement of both lubricant and the refrigerant gas.

We carry out servicing and repair of most makes of vehicle air conditioning systems. We can also find out where the fault is on a system that has stopped working, carry out any repairs needed and restore the system to working order.